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An unexpected Goodbye... Riley...

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Under: Cancer Care
This is Riley his last week with us. He loved our children so much, and was sooo wonderful with them. His last day he found the strength to say goodbye to each of them in his own way.
Riley had a sudden, drastic decent health, so we took him in and had ex-rays done, and our Dr found that Riley had many metastasized malignant tumors on his lungs. He was in pain, and we knew that his fight was over. The next day we took him in, and it was heart wrenching saying goodbye. He went to heaven while in my arms. Thankfully I'm a pretty good typer and can type through the tears... It is so hard because you have those questions of "what if": what if we didnt take him in and he felt better tomorrow and he could have had another 2 happy years with us? What if he's not really in pain, and would rather stay here with his family for a little bit longer? But in the end, the other what if's won out: What if he is in terrible pain, and in my selfishness I decided to make him suffer longer than nessesary? What if, out of extreme pain, he bites one of the children he loves? He wouldn't understand why, and would have been crushed that he'd hurt one of them, not to mention the fallout of one of my children being injured. These what if's outweighed the others, and when I looked into his eyes, he looked like he was in pain, so I did the most loving thing I could: ended it. 

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