So, lately I have been running into trouble with wanting to follow my code of ethics when it comes to picking the family for my latest foster dog. In my code of ethics, I list that it is not my job to "pick" the perfect owners for my foster dogs...that is God's job. It is my job to care for and teach these dogs to the best of my ability, and then advertise for new owners and portray the clearest possible picture of the dog's good and bad behavior and personality traits. Then the first family who says "yes we want him" and comes and pick him up, gets him. I have found that I CANNOT start playing that game of "picking" the family, because then it puts the responsibility of being able to read past what people tell me, and judge them for what kind of people they really are. I must try to see into the future to anticipate what problems they are most likely to face with the dog, and whether they will chose to work through those problems, or if they will just give up on the him. And then, if something does happen and they do give up on the dog, all of the responsibility for it not working out falls on my shoulders....which is not very fun, and totally avoidable. If I remember what my job is, and let go of the rest, everyone is happier.