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A method that works for US

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Under: Agility: Foundation
So, yesterday's practices went great! Basically I had to decide to train my dog the way that makes sense to me, as opposed to the way that others have trained their dogs. So I just focused on shaping the correct end behavior, and then back-chained it, the same way you do a teeter. She did GREAT! Since it was really slow in the beginning when I first started shaping, it was very clear that the click came when she got to the end of the board, not the middle, and not the beginning. Then she got faster and faster getting to that part of the board, where she got the click and then food was thrown. I think that this is what we need. She needs to learn the target behavior slowly and then get faster and faster. Right now she is actually thinking while doing it, and that is what I want. I am not using any gates, just the board on the ground. Since I am shaping this behavior, I am trying not to say anything, and just wait for her to offer it. I did put her in a stay a couple of times and then release her, but I did not say anything after the release, nor did I give any kind of motion toward the board. Not a single jump, all striding through very nicely. Thank you Lord for showing me that I need to do what is right for us, and not be worried about doing it one person's certain way!

Here is a video of today's am lesson:

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