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Food and Dog Aggression in Giant Dog

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Friday, October 30, 2009 Under: Foster Care

This morning I went to pick up our new foster Rocco. He is a 230lb Bullmastiff. When I picked him up, I knew that he was food aggressive and was becoming dog aggressive. When I did an evaluation at the shelter I found out that he was eager to please, and had a very calm, stable personality. I thought that his issues were probably from lack of leadership and direction, and that he had a good prognosis of overcoming these issues with patience and the right approach. So I brought him home. We have not had any real episodes so far, just a few "incorrect behaviors". He did BEAUTIFULLY for his bath, I think he actually enjoyed it! We had our first meal, which he ate out of my hand after respectfully waiting while I was "eating" it first.  We all settled down for a little while and he went and laid down next to Pepper on the dog bed by the woodstove. He was completely asleep when pepper shifted her weight and I guess touched Rocco, because he jumped up and barked really loudly! I verbally corrected that behavior, then he lifted his lips at her when she wiggled, and I corrected that, then he fell back asleep. An half our later or so pepper shifted again and he jumped awake, but then just got up and moved away to lay back down...GOOD BOY!!!  He also tried counter surfing and found out that is a no-no. Since they met, there has been a bit of a show-down between Rocco and Riley. I really had to watch them that nothing erupted from their power struggle. They would both lie down for me, so it was not a fight for "top dog", it was a fight for second in line. So anyway, I just had to keep an eye on them and correct them if it started to get pushy. Well, we just had a breakthrough; Rocco was laying down and Riley walked over to him and sniffed him all over. Rocco just laid there and turned his belly up a little bit. Then they got up and started playing with a toy together! It was so cute! So, needless to say things are looking pretty good here at the Miller household!

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