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Learning about deaf dog training

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, October 12, 2009 Under: Dog Training
The new, although temporary, member of the pack will be arriving in just a few hours... her name is Pepper. Pepper is actually my parents' dog, but she will be coming to "Mandy Camp" for around 7 weeks. Pepper is a Puppy Mill rescued American Cocker Spaniel momma, and is now around 10yrs old. She is deaf, and is going blind, and has had very little training. While my parents love her, they, like many owners, have figured out how to work around their dog's issues, rather than face them head on and work through them. One of these such issues is her separation anxiety. The will be one of the very first things we address when she arrives. She will no longer be left outside when left alone...the weather here will not allow it, and neither will I. I will also start deaf/blind dog training with her. I think I am going to start with clap as correction (from the research I have found she should be able to feel the vibration of the air), and tapping the floor for beat-training. I have not heard of this style of deaf/blind dog training being used before, so we will see!  If any of you have advice for me on training deaf/blind dogs I would love to hear from you! 

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