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Natural Flea Control!!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, August 31, 2009 Under: Natural Products
June 7, 2009

Since it is now flea season, and I think the puppies who came to stay with us recently have been acting like they might have fleas, I have been finding natural ways to fight this battle. What I found is very encouraging and interesting. I found that basically any of the really strong smelling herbs- lavender, rosemary, mint, basil etc. will fend off fleas. You can even soak a rope in these essential oils and use it as a flea collar! I love to  garden, so I am always excited to learn about new plants I can grow to use at home...and to find out that my dog has to have lavender misted over him or rubbed into his coat, boy that just stinks.... =)  Why in the world would you buy poison to put on your dog, when you could use something like this? I also learned that you can sprinkle borax (the kind you buy for the garden, NOT pool) mixed with some salt can be sprinkled around your house to kill the adult fleas. Just make sure to do it when you and your animals can be away for as long as possible (prefferably 24hrs-a couple days) and then vacuum it up. You will want this in your vacuum because it will kill any fleas you vacuum up that are still alive.

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