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Update! Almost there!!!!!!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Under: Agility
SOOOO, it has been a while since I updated you all on our agility progress. We have now been to 3 fun trials, where Kenzie learned what the whole trialing thing was. At the first two fun trials she was what I call "loopy", which just means that she ran with only 5% of her brain focused on me, the rest of it was focused on everything else = /  So she just ran very wide, though she did stay with me, which is more than it could have been. Then, a couple weeks ago we went to her third fun trial, and she ROCKED IT!!!!!  She was so tuned into me, and I her, it was awesome. She hit ALL of her dog walk contacts (4) and all but one A-frame (6), and had an awesome teeter every time as well. I was SO happy. 

So we are now working on getting faster weaves and higher drive through the course. I have found that as long as I trust her, Kenzie is pretty darn consistent on her DW contact. We have our first real trial this weekend!!! It is USDAA, and we have 5 runs, so that should give me a pretty good idea on how consistent her contacts are right now. I am super pleased with her teeter performance as of late. She was going very slowly, but then I stopped working on it at home, and only did the teeter during class or fun runs, and I guess because her drive was so high, it no long seemed a big deal that it dropped.So she just runs to the end and holds her two on two off beautifully. So now I just make sure not to practice it too often. It is too easy for her to practice crawling on it during at home practice when she is not as hyped up. 

Kenzie's reactivity to other dogs is going okay. She did have a set back at this last fun trial, not that she aggressed really, she was just very very on edge afterward, and she did not get over it before out group class two days later, so that just made it worse, and then it took an entire week. after that of thundershirt/massage/music therapy to get her over it. But she did great the next week in group class, so we will see how she does this weekend. 

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