Mandy Miller BA, CEI 

What clients are saying about working with Mandy...


Jake and I are so grateful for the day we first began taking lessons from you, and we're still coming back to you because your methods have worked so much better than any others we've been involved with. Nobody has understood this reactive, scared little dog the way you do. He and I still have work to do, but he's a much happier and more balanced dog than he was, and I'm a more educated owner! 

Your gentle, positive approach is absolutely the best, and you're such a pleasure to learn with. When I see your own dogs, I know that what you teach is the only way. 

We will be forever grateful, 

Jilli and Jake

I would like to recommend Mandy Miller, with Positive First Dog Training. My daughter and I contacted Mandy when we had reached the end of ideas to do with our present situation. We have (4) dogs, all rescued. The three original dogs weren't accepting the new 2nd pit dog named "Bella". We had had to deal with some pretty severe dog fights. 

Mandy came here and has transformed our home into a much more relaxed environment. Every time she leaves us we learn more methods and ways to help us deal with our dogs. She also taught me to be able to say the word NO, and believe me, it was one of the hardest things to learn!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mandy, she has patience, knowledge, and most importantly of all, a love of animals and what is best for them. She will also train the owners, which was needed in our case. 

Marilyn Grover, Jenny (Bordercollie/Lab mix), Joey (German Shepherd/Lab mix), Molly (Pit mix) and Bella (Pit mix). 

Positive First was exactly what we needed for an anxious fearful rescue dog. Her confidence steadily grew with the training and we gotthe tools to build on that. Plus it was fun!

Sarah, Carl and Mica

Hi Mandy, 

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Daisy. In the few short days since your visit, she has relaxed immensely! Your tips for not looking at her and approaching her from the side has worked wonders. She can still be a bit skittish, but she is now laying on the blanket with Benson in the living room instead of hiding in the back bedroom all the time and she even goes to Scott for some petting and massage now. Amazing!

We will continue to work with her on the leash and we are grateful that she seems much happier than she was in the past and that was our goal when we took her out of the situation she was in. 

Thank you once again!

Scott and Jill

Dear Mandy (& Riley)

I'm writing to thank you more than I can say for turning us in the right direction. It was a stroke of luck of the very best kind that we were referred to you. My guy is in agility now, in fact, he's doing wonderfully, and since I still follow your teaching, he's coming along more every day. Sure it's work, but when you have a person like you who is kind yet firm, understanding and competent; someone who can teach the human how to teach their dog, that's what it's all about. Your combination of warmth, strength, common sense and knowledge was a blessing to us. I was at a loss but now..... He's going into level 3 of agility and I an see his confidence growing daily as you said it would. Who would have thought the change in the little pup would be what it is today. 

I don't know how to thank you but to with you all the wonderful things you deserve. And to dear sweet Riley, I hope you will give him a special pat and ear scratch for me. He was so patient with my boy in showing him the way to behave. Riley is an amazing dog belonging to an amazing trainer, so no surprise there. 

The very best to you and your family. Thank you again for the help you have given our furry family. 

Susan Kennedy and Jitterbug

Hi Amanda,

My name is Zack Mertz and I am sure you do not remember me but we adopted a dog from you in 2009 that you were fostering by the name of Brayden.  I wanted to reach out to you and let you know unfortunately we had to put him down about a month ago due to him having a tumor on his spleen.  

Prior to the last 2-3 months he lived a great life with our family and we feel fortunate to have had him in our lives for the 11 or so years we did have him.  He was able to go on daily walks with the family and enjoyed spending time with my wife and I as well as our children.  

Every now and then I will go back to the website that we initially found him on and watch the videos you posted of him when he was in his younger years.  

I came back upon your email for 2010 and wanted to reach out to you and let you know that he lived a great life and will be forever missed.

Hope you are doing well. 

Zack Mertz

Mandy's Background: 
Mandy has been studying all forms of dog training since 1995. She began winning competitions for her exceptional dog training abilities at age 12, including being invited on stage at the annual Owensboro 4th of July Celebration to demonstrate her outstanding dog tricks. Dog training has been a passion of Mandy's ever since she got her first puppy at age 11. She decided then that she would grow up to be a professional dog trainer, and committed her life to learning all she could about these amazing animals.  Mandy competed in many trick and agility competitions in her youth. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from California State University Stanislaus to assist her in working with her clients (the owners) since working with dogs came naturally to her. Mandy has always valued learning through experience. This, and the fact that she was helping dogs who might not otherwise find homes, is why all through her twenties Mandy took in the toughest cases from shelters all around, taking in the ones with the most severe behavioral issues- aggression, painfully shy, sprays on everything in sight... you get the idea. Mandy would take them in, assess their training needs and then trained them in her home until they were ready to go to their forever homes. Mandy considers it a blessing to have been able to learn so much -first hand- by having these dogs in her life- even if just for a little while.  
Mandy has been a certified Canine Educator since 2008. In 2010 she started her own business-  Positive First Dog Training LLC, where has been teaching private lessons, as well as puppy, beginner, advanced group dog training classes, clicker training, agility training and coaching owner trainer service dog teams.
Mandy is committed to continued learning- she is a member of the APDT The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, where staying up to date on the latest advances on training techniques and scientific studies is a requirement. She also attends seminars taught by world renown dog trainers.