Separation Anxiety

Riley, Sarah, Pepper and Beauty all suffered from separation anxiety of differing levels. While Riley has never been overly destructive, just broken his teeth on a baby gate, and chewed up a door trim. Sarah on the other hand would destroy anything in sight when left alone. She could bust out of her new, heavy duty wire crate by bouncing it until it crashed down on the corner and busted open. She also broke into a million pieces and ate the plastic tray that was on the bottom. Sarah was a lesson in patience. She grew into a happy dog who would just relax while we were gone, thank goodness! Beauty was between the two in her level of anxiety, and did fine in a crate. Pepper, while not as bad as Sarah, could not be put in a crate. She would defecate if left alone, and lick her self nonstop. They all went through the leave, come back, leave come back routine, and then put on my "maintenance" plan . They were all able to live happy lives, loose in the house while we were gone.

Above: Beauty

Top Right: Pepper and Riley

Right: Sarah