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All Raw Diet

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, August 31, 2009 Under: Dog Food
May 5, 2009

So now that I know that I need to feed Riley an all raw diet, I am faced with the challenges of stepping into the unknown. It is so easy to have confidence that you are giving your dog everything he/she needs to be healthy when you are buying a heavily researched, scientifically balanced diet that is rated by the experts as being an excellent food (evo or wellness core).  So you can imagine how scary it is to suddenly have the world as your limit as to what you can feed him. It does not help that everyone is so darn vague! haha, I cannot tell you how many time I read "oh, just feed him what is going bad in your fridge, feed him what is on sale, feed him what is in season, etc". I needed something that at least gave me a starting point. Well, thankfully I did find it, and once I did that exactly for a little while, I started to mix it up a bit, get a feel of the things I liked and of other things I wanted to add.  : feed 1 cup ground chicken, 2 tbsp pureed mixed greens (zucchini, cellery, carrot, and beet), one tsp cod liver oil, one tsp flax seed oil

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