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From stiff and slow to wiggles n more!

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Saturday, July 10, 2010 Under: Natural Products
I noticed that while I used to discribe how Riley was doing by saying "wonderfully! he is playing with Sarah more than ever! I realized that I could no longer say that. He had gotten grumpy with her, he could no longer climb up on the couch, and moved slowly all around. So I immediately put him back on his "green mix", and four days later? He was practically jumping out of his skin when it came to training time. He was hopping and jumping around me like he was a pup! Steve also noticed it when he came home a couple hours later, he could not believe the difference. While there are a lot of different supplements in his mix, the most important if feel sure is the glucosemine/chondroitin. He stuggles with hip dysplasia as well as spondelosis. Riley just turned 5yrs old.

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