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Hard work paying off

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Monday, August 31, 2009 Under: Cancer Care
I am so happy to report to you all that Riley is doing SO WELL!!!!!  If I had a dollar for every person who came up to me and said "Wow! He looks so good!". They cannot believe it if they find out that he is fighting cancer. Also, I cannot tell you how many dirty looks I have gotten when we go to the dog park and I make him take breaks every 5 minutes or so. When people ask me why I would make my dog stop playing when he is so obviously having a good time, and I tell them that he has hip dysplasia and spondelosis which is a painful degenerative disease in the spine, they just look at me like I am crazy. I guess they think that I have just made it up? They are not the ones who have to watch their dog pay for that overly zelouse play-date at the park for days.  But, on a positive note, it is so wonderful to hear the dogs playing in the yard now. At home, Riley knows just how hard he can play, and for how long, with no discomfort to him (as far as I can tell). When I think back to this past spring when Riley's hip dysplasia and spondylosis got so bad and he would not play at all, all he wanted to do was lay in his crate or follow me around, I am just astounded at the difference his diet/herb supplements have made. I even saw a difference in his energy/ willingness to play, when I took him off all of his supplements when he got so sick from the Raw Food Diet. But as soon as I started back up with the supplements again, he started to improve once more.He is such a happy dog now, and Sarah is SO glad to have her play mate back!   I just love to lay in my hammock and listen to them running around me wrestling and playing ever so vocally! You would never guess that he is, or was, "sick". =)   

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