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Max Update #3

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Under: Foster Care

We have had Max for a Month now, and he has come quite a way. In regards to house training/ spraying in the house:
At two weeks max had stopped sniffing to mark as we walked through the house, so we gave him a little more space, walking more slowly, letting him off of his bed, while still on the leash in the house. He sprayed the couch that night. So back onto the bed he went for another week. At week two he got a little more space again, and that night he marked a bed post. Now keep in mind that each time he marked he was on the leash, attached to us, and got caught in the act, with immediate consequences ("NO!" and then quickly put in his crate). Each time he marked he did not need to go to the bathroom, he had just gone outside and urinated for a good amount of time. So he had an accident at week 2 and 3. At week 4 he was given more space again, it has been 3 days, and he has not sprayed yet. There have been a couple close calls, but with a quick "NO!" and pulling him away from what he was going to mark, he did not actually mark. While it sounds crazy to give him more space again, there have been other turning points to keep in mind.

Listening, calming down while in the house:
Week 2 Week 3 was the turning point where he was suddenly much less work. He would settle in his bed, not jump up on you, sit to be petted, calmly sit on your lap. He was still not very obedient. 
Week 4 he turned the corner to being much more obedient. He also just seems much more calm all around. He does not get aggressive at the other dogs when they play now. He still attacks them for what seems like no reason. They are probably too close to him in his opinion, even though they are not paying attention to him. He is also still very possessive of affection.  

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