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Shaping Games: Month 2

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Friday, March 11, 2011 Under: Agility: Foundation
In the second month of Kenzie's agility foundation training, I focused on shaping games: Shaping her to put her feet on things (great first shaping exercise). To put her front feet on a perch box. To swing her hips toward me while her front feet are on a perch box. To put all four feet on a platform. To slam down a wobble board. To put all four feet on the wobble board. I used a toy with training the wobble board, but I have to be careful because when I mark it, she tends to release herself. If she does, I just wait for her to get back on it (all four feet) and tip it, then I mark it, pause, then release and throw the toy. I also got her up to full speed this month on her circle work, with doing front crosses and tight 360 turns all around! If she starts to get ahead of me, I slow down and pat my side to remind her that she is supposed to be beside me, then I start a circle with her on the inside, where she has to be in the right position for it to work. I take her out and do circle work with her as often as possible in strange places. I do use her tennis ball for this, as I have found it be the easiest to work with. I give her primary reward tossed to where she is supposed to be (rewarding her for being in the correct position), then a secondary reward once she brings it back, tossing it far away...lots and lots of fun for her! I always have her on the 50' long lead when doing outside of our yard. She just drags it around, no biggie for her.
Here is a video of training Kenzie to swing her hips on a perch box.

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