This page is mostly for me, so that I remember the dogs who shared a little bit of themselves with me, who taught me so many things, and who still have a little piece of my heart. 

Tristan has a family to love! 


Tristan is little cuddle bug male chihuahua. Tristan loves to run and play with other dogs and with his toys, as well as sit on the couch and lounge around with his people. He is around 8 months old, and weighs  8lbs, he is fully grown. Tristan is potty trained with supervision, and crate trained for when left alone. He loves his crate! Here are a few videos of tristan that show his playfulness and just how smart this little boy is!  Tristan is happy, and healthy, and ready for his new life to begin with his new forever family!


 I also began the process of "Bell Training" Tristan, to ring this bell when he want to go outside to go potty. Here are the videos of the very first day of "Bell Training".

 Venga has a family of her




Venga came to us friday from the shelter so weak and un coordinated from the after-effects of the distemper she survived, she could hardly walk, stand, or hold her self still enough to go to the bathroom.  She was getting so much stronger, but then gave us all a scare when started to get sick again Sunday night. Thankfully, with her new diet of pumpkin, water and a little wet food, she is doing MUCH better! I dont think I have ever been so excited about a firm bowel movement!!!! I am still very concerned about keeping her from getting parvo. She has not had any shots, and cannot get any until she has become stronger and more stable.

Venga is learning so quickly! She has learned to respect "no" and that not all food is hers! She is also learning to go potty outside only, she is making great strides in that.  She literally did not know how to sit- whether that is because she was sick at so young that she never learned, or she had been shaky for so long that every time she tried she would flop over, so she stopped trying, I do not know. But for 3 days she did not sit even one time, so then I just pushed her into the sitting position and petted her in that position. Then I went back to what I was doing, and she got back up. I thought to myself "well, I guess she just does not like to sit, I wonder if it hurts for some reason?" then a few minutes I look back down at her...and she is sitting! She has sat every time she is just waiting for something since then! So when I told my huband that I taught Venga how to sit today, I meant that I literally taught a dog HOW to sit! =)

Update 1-30-10

Venga is doing so well! She has had her first round of shots (whew) and now it is just a matter of keeping her out of trouble! She is learning to obey where she can go, and where she cannot. She is also learning to be happy when left in her crate. As is natural in her breed, she is very protective, but she is learning to accept people when I say that they are okay.

Venga is not potty trained yet, but she is making progress. Venga will not be available for adoption for another 2 weeks at least, while she gains weight and receives her next round of shots.

Pepper has someone


 who loves to cuddle!


(and those of you who know

pepper know that she must be one happy dog!)


This is Pepper, a beautilf 9yr old Black Cocker Spaniel. Pepper would be a great companion for someone who spends a lot of time at home, as she loves nothing more than to be with the people she loves. Pepper does have seperation anxiety when she is left all by herself, therefore she must go to a home with at least one other dog (for some reason cats do not count to her). Pepper is house trained, and even though she is deaf, she understands hand signals for come, sit, stay, down and get back. Pepper is very good with other dogs, cats and all people- young children, older children, men and women. Since pepper is a cocker spaniel, she has a beautiful coat, but it must be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. Rehoming fee of $25. 


ROCCO has found his FOREVER





This is Rocco, he is a huge, gorgeous, Purabred Bullmastiff. He is 5 years old, and neutered. Rocco came to us from the Josephine County Animal Shelter because he had food aggression, and was starting to become dog aggressive as well.  He proved to be a quick study and that he really just wants to please.




Is now Ashley and Wade's baby boy!

 This is Brodie, as affectionate a dog as I have ever seen. He is wholly devoted to those he loves. Brodie is a medium sized corgi (affectionate), australian cattle dog (protective) mix. He is approx 10 months old and mostly potty trained. He is also crate trained for while we are not home, and he walks very nicely on a leash. He also knows sit and down, "out" (get out of this room) and "away" (please get out of my personal space). Brodie also comes when called very well. He responds to correction immediately, and learns new things very quickly. Two things we are working on right now is his mis-trust  of male visitors, and his bumping up against your legs as you are walking. Not bad for a 10 month old pup, huh? Especially when you consider how hard he has had it in his short life. He was taken to the stockton animal shelter when he was around 4 months old and lived there for around 3 months, then went from foster home to foster home until he arrived here the first of October. Although he has had a rough start to life, you would never guess it meeting him. He is so full of life and love.


Just Got Adopted!

Enjoy your new best friend, Brayden!


General Info

Brayden is a 6 month old Pitt Bull/ Australian Cattle dog mix puppy.   He is very affectionate, and will need to go to a family where he will be part of the household. He is already protective with strangers, as is natural in his breed, but he is very good with other dogs and strangers when introduced.

More information on Brayden  below


Brayden is such a sweetie! He is very eager to please and very responsive to correction.... a couple weeks ago he was in mid pursuit of a cat and halted in his tracks when I verbally corrected him.... very nice.  He has not chased a cat since. He is so loving and gentle. His favorite part of the day is when I check him over for foxtail burs.... oh darn, mom has to sit here with me and pet me all over   =)  Brayden would rather be loved on than just about anything else in the world...well except for maybe eating, he does like his food!  He weighs 36lbs and is not likely to get much bigger. Brayden loves his crate and often sleeps in it with the door open while we are all relaxing in the house. Brayden LOVES to play fetch and just play with toys in general.  He is protective, but not aggressive. He is very good with new dogs and people. He is not completely house trained, but he does get the idea that he would rather go to the bathroom outside than inside.  He will need to either be put outside or kept in his crate when his owners are not home as he is still in that chewing stage.  Brayden has pretty high energy needs, so he will  need to either have an energetic playmate or be exercised each day: he loves to go on runs and is VERY good on and off leash. He knows sit, down and come, as well as to stay out of certain areas of our house (which is very easily transferred when he goes to his forever home), and to wait at doors and gates for permission to enter/leave.  He can be trained to be good with cats pretty easily, and he does not escape from the yard. He will make someone a great it you? 

Connor  has a family now!


This is Connor, he is a 6 month old, neutered male queensland heeler mix. He weighs 37lbs and is not likely to get much bigger. He is SOOOO sweet. He loves to cuddle and play. You can always count on him running up to you with a toy in his mouth! He plays fetch and brings the toy back nicely.  He is protective, but not aggressive. He is good with dogs and people. He is as house trained as a 6 month old puppy can be expected to be (he will not go to the bathroom in the house while you are in there with him to let him out if he needs to go) but will need to either be put outside or kept in his crate when his owners are not home as he is still in that chewing stage- dont worry, he loves his crate. Connor is a very good dog, he loves to go on runs with me and is good on and off leash. He knows sit and come, as well as to wait at doors and gates for permission to enter/leave. He does not dig or escape from the yard. He will make someone a great it you?

Connor is being fostered through Stockton Animal Shelter Friends and his adoption price is $83.50. THIS IS THE SHELTER'S ADOPTION PRICE.



Is finally someone's baby!!!

 This is Koda, he was a stray found by the stockton animal shelter, but he now has a new lease on life as an indoor dog! He loves it and is very careful not to potty indoors and goes as soon as he is let outside. He is about 2-3yrs old and very playful. He is now neutered and has already learned sit, down, stay,get down, out and leave it. He has also learned not to beg. He is very good with well mannered children, but not good with cats. He would be great as an only dog or with a female companion dog. He has high energy needs, so he will need to go with someone who has a good sized fenced in yard, but is calm in the house. He loves to cuddle and be with his people. He has passed training with flying colors so it is now time for him to go to his forever home. He will make someone a great it you?

He is being fostered through stockton animal friends, and the adoption price will be $47.50. This includes microchip, county license and fully up to date shots. If he goes to a home not in stockton the price drops to $37.00 because the license is not included. Prospective owners will be screened and the focus is to find a loving, FOREVER home for Dakota. Even though there is another dog already lined up for my program, we will not rush finding the right family for this wonderful dog.

Dakota goes to work with me every day is a JEWEL. He is the only foster so far that I have actually been able to do this with and he not keep me from being able to get everything done. He just sleeps under my desk while I am at it, and walks around with me when I need to go check on everyone. He is always ready to help me release the stress in a (much needed for me) play with the toy time out =)  He is a very special dog and someone will be very blessed by adding him to their family. We most certainly are.

An Update on Dakota

 Hi Amanda

Jerry and I want to update you on Dakota.
He has turned out to be a great dog. We LOVE him so much.  Lily and Him have become great companions. They lay together by the pellet stove.  Pretty cute.
When we first brought Dakota home he was more interested in being outside then being in with us. That's not the case anymore.
He'd rather be in on our laps.
He is such a people dog. When we have family or friends over he is right up in their laps.
Dakota sleeps between us at night in bed. He is such a cuddlebug.
Thanks again for such a Great, Loving dog.
Jerry, Dana, Lily and Dakota

 Molly- Is ADOPTED!!!

Have fun in your new home Molly, we will miss you!


This is Molly, she is such a lover!!! Oh to curl up in your lap, or play a fun game of fetch! This little girl is going to be a WONDERFUL dog for someone. This is one foster dog who did not cause a single ripple in my pack! What a jewel! If it was not about finding a home that would be able to give her the love and attention she deserves, i would want to keep her in my one foster spot forever! She is fully house broken- she has full reign of my house when I am at work- and because she is around 3yrs old, she is much more calm than the typical hyper young Jack Russell! She is great with other dogs and seems to be ok with cats. She is still shaped a little funny from the litter of puppies she had a few months ago, but she is healthy and rearing to go! She weighs 25lbs and is a wire-hair Jack Russell(mix?). She will be spayed and given all shots upon adoption. She is VERY smart and would be a real treat for someone with training experience. She responds very well to GENTLE training. She is very hard on herself when corrections are given. She wants to be a good dog, this is what makes living with her and training her such a joy.
She is being adopted through Stockton Animal Shelter Friends. Her adoption price is $186.50 if adopted out of stockton, and $198.00 if adopted in stockton. THIS IS THE SHELTER'S ADOPTION FEE and includes getting her spayed (usually a $200 procedure) as well as all of her shots, and the city license (if applicable).


"Puppy", aka Mandy

Loving named by her new family

Many was such a sweet little puppy! She was one of my first foster dogs, so it was especially hard to see her go.  She is now with a family who competes in herding trials with their dogs! I am so happy that she found such a loving family =)