Building Speed/Drive- RC

Posted by Amanda Beasley on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Under: Running Contacts
Having the dog stay, then you run off, then release the dog while running, when do is at full speed, you click and throw the toy with the "get it" command. You then put fences up on either side of the dog's path, so that the dog runs full speed through the gap in fencing. Make the space between fences large at first, then make it smaller and smaller. Add two more fences on either side of the dog's path, so that the dog is running through two gaps in fencing. Put the two fences about 10ft apart. Once the dog is running with full confidence between them, now start sending the dog through and clicking and throwing the toy. Once you can send and call the dog through, and you are happy with the speed you are getting, you can add the 15" by 12ft board with slats placed every foot, as they will be on the dog walk. The dog should have already been desensized to the board and clicked for putting his feet on it. If so, putting the board in the gap between the fences should not be a big deal, the dog should just run right over it with speed and drive.

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