Riley, forever in our hearts

Riley was our 7.5yr old Boxer love bug. He was our first boxer, and he took me by surprise when I first got him, as he was quite different to train than any of the past dogs that I ever had before (mostly labs, shepherds & huskies). It took a little trial and error, but I did figure out how to use that difference to my advantage, rather than "in spite of", as is the natural first response to change. Boxers are so incredibly intelligent. If you can get them on your side, there is nothing they can't do! Once we figured this out, we both really enjoyed training.  Riley was my go to demo dog for quite some time. He was just about bomb proof when we are working aggressive/ reactive dogs: no small thing when you are a trainer! Riley had earned his Novice Agility Jumpers and Standard Titles, but had to retire, due to early on-set Hip Dysplasia and Spondelosis. These cause him pain when he jumps/runs too much, so he was on a special supplement to help him enjoy everyday life and play without pain.


Riley was also a Cancer survivor. He had three lumps appear close to the same time, and when removed, came back as positive for stage one skin melanoma. He was put on a very low carb home-made food while he was recovering, while at the same time was taking anti cancer, immune boosting herbs/natural supplements. Once he was doing much better, he was moved to a very high protein, very low carb, dry dog food.  He had stayed on the immune boosting supplements as well as a glucosemine regime for 5yrs before his body could not fight the cancer any longer. He was happy and energetic all the way up to three days before he went to doggie heaven. t