This is the first video taken on Kenzie's dog aggression. More on her story can be found on the "Our Journey" Blog, as well as the Reactivity Training page. 

Deaf dog training. It takes a new approach, but is absolutely possible.

How to teach the requests. 

Two dogs who were on Death row, literally. They were going to be put down the next day, due to being "untrainable".

Connar was adopted out very quickly, but Brodie took a little longer, about a month. He was such a smart boy. Still to this day brodie had the best heeling of any foster I have had, on or off leash! 

Happy Dogs Playing

I love watching this video. This is the little girl we got very young who was recovering we think from distemper. She literally did not know how to sit. I had to show her how to do it, then she did it all of the time! 

Fun dog play

Little Tristan playing with our dogs Sarah and Riley. This is the little boy who almost died from Parvo three days after we picked him up. I had already fallen in love with him and was heartbroken. Thankfully the Shelter was able to put him through parvo treatment, and then we took him back 5 days later to finish getting him back to the happy boy you see here. He is now the happy baby of Angelina Lawrence and best friends with  Fleetwood the Cat  =)